Trump retweets QAnon account spreading conspiracy theories and Islamophobia


While it is usually president Trump's tweets that catch people's attention, it is easy to overlook his retweets, which are equally as important.

On the same day the president defended far-right activists recently banned from Facebook, he also happened to retweet a video from a conspiracy theory account spreading Islamophobic messages.

The tweet in question came from an alt-right account called "Deep State Exposed", which regularly posts conspiracy theories and Islamophobic content. Some of its previous conspiracies include Kim Jong Un being a CIA asset, and that well-known Democrats are being secretly being monitored.

The tweet Trump retweeted to his 60 million followers contained a video in which a man says they would "kill Americans" if they don't allow Muslims to follow their religion.

It came alongside the caption: "The 'elite' proclaim America must submit to Islam or else", with intent to spread Islamophobia.

The video has since been watched over half a million times, with the account's creator, Jeremy Stone, boasting that the president has retweeted his account nine times.

This is not the first time Trump has retweeted Islamophobic content. In 2017, he drew outrage after retweeting three anti-Muslim propaganda videos, which originally were posted by the former leader of Britain First, Jayda Fransen.

He also recently posted an edited video on Twitter suggesting links between Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar and the 9/11 attacks.

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