The Trump baby blimp is set to fly again during the US president's state visit next week

The Trump baby blimp is set to fly again during the US president's state visit next week

During Donald Trump's last visit to the UK, you may recall the site of an inflatable Trump baby floating in the skies above the protestors.

It was quite a sight to behold and it really upset the president, who said that it made him "feel unwelcome" in the UK. Well, there's bound to be more tantrums from the president as the blimp looks set to return for his state visit, which is due to commence next week.

The Greater London Authority, which is headed by mayor Sadiq Kahn, has given the all clear for the inflatable baby to take to the skies again, with it due to fly above parliament square on Tuesday.

The green light was given for the effigy to fly again on Friday, but a decision is still to be made by the Metropolitan Police, who are expected to deliver their verdict on Monday, the first day of Trump's three-day state visit.

The blimp has been organised by the Stop Trump coalition, who are confident that their stunt will be given the go-ahead by the authorities and have added that it will only fly when their charity fundraiser hits £30,000.

Anna Vickerstaff, a member of the protest group, is quoted by ITV as saying:

Now that the GLA has given us permission, we’re almost ready to fly the baby.

All we need now is for the public to help us to hit our fundraiser target in support of the groups who are fighting the impacts of Trump’s disastrous policies.

We’ve promised to get the baby in the air again – but only if and when we raise money for these groups.

We’re all for making a joke out of Trump, but we won’t let the opportunity pass to support those fighting the very serious impacts of what he’s doing.

The majority of reactions on Twitter about the return of the baby have been one of joy, and people apparently can't wait to see the angry toddler Trump become airborne again.

However, not everyone thinks that the return of the blimp is such a good idea, with Sarah Elliott, the chair of Republicans Overseas UK, calling the stunt 'petty'.


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