5 gaffes made by US presidents when meeting the Queen, from Obama to Trump

5 gaffes made by US presidents when meeting the Queen, from Obama to Trump

Donald Trump has landed in the UK and, aside from meeting with politicians, he will be dining with the Queen.

While there are no official codes of behaviour when meeting The Queen or a member of the Royal Family, there are few traditional norms that can be observed.

According to the official royal website, there are a number of things Trump can do to smooth the interaction, including addressing the Queen as “your majesty” and wearing a neck tie.

BBC Radio 5 Live spoke to an etiquette expert called Diana Mather, who pointed out a few important behavioural points when meeting the queen – and past and present presidents who have inadvertently broken some of these unwritten rules:

1. Don’t kiss the queen.

President Jimmy Carter broke this unspoken rule and did in 1977, kissing the queen mother on the cheek.

2. Don’t march ahead of the monarch so that you turn your back on her.

President Donald Trump continuously walked in front of the Queen during his 2018 UK visit as they inspected the Coldstream Guards.

3. Don’t start eating until the Queen starts, finish when she finishes.

4. Don’t talk over the national anthem.

Barack Obama visited the UK and the Queen back in 2011 when he was president of America.

While there, he made an awkward faux pas when he broke royal protocol by speaking over the national anthem.

5. Don’t mention sex, religion or politics during dinner.

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