Trump seems to have just learnt that there are 'hundreds of miles between places' in Texas

Trump seems to have just learnt that there are 'hundreds of miles between places' in Texas

Even if you haven't been to the United States or visited the Lone Star state, you'll be aware, by merely looking at a map, that the state of Texas is pretty big.

The southern state covers more than 600,000 km² and is the second biggest state after Alaska. Unfortunately, the president apparently doesn't look at maps as it seems he had no idea about the actual size of Texas.

Speaking in San Antonio, where he rallied supporters and signed an executive order on energy and infrastructure, Trump briefly spoke about the difficulties that the administration are facing when installing the controversial border wall.

When addressing the press, Trump made some curious observations about Texas and the distances between major cities and locations.

You think Houston is half a mile away but its 300 miles and it's desert.

I asked Mr Powell [Eugene Powell of the University of Texas] a question, 'When you do this why aren't people around to help?'

He said, 'This is a vast state, this is a vast area.'

If you look at it, I mean, the state is tremendous. We don't see that.

You know, I come from New York - you have 5th Avenue and that connects to Park Avenue, and it's not too far away. But this is hundreds of miles between places.

We're not saying the Trump should have known about the size of Texas but, at the end of the day, he is the president, so perhaps a little knowledge of one of the 50 states he is essentially in charge of, wouldn't go amiss.

Needless to say, Trump's utterly bizarre statement baffled many people on Twitter, who at this point really shouldn't be shocked about anything Trump does or says.

His New York geography doesn't match up either.

Does he even realise where his house is?

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