Two US Capitol Police officers sue Trump over his incitement of the insurrection

<p>The US Capitol was the site of a riot by Trump supporters who believed the 2020 election was stolen </p>

The US Capitol was the site of a riot by Trump supporters who believed the 2020 election was stolen


Two US Capitol Police officers are suing President Donald Trump for his role in the 6 January insurrection.

James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby say they were injured in the riot and place the blame on Trump, who according to them, “inflamed, encouraged, incited (and) directed” his most loyal supporters to attack the US legislature’.

Blassingame said he injured his head after being pushed into a column and Hemby said he was “sprayed with chemicals” and “crushed against the door”

Their accusations include that Trump aided and abetted these assaults. The pair are asking for at least $75,000 in a payout each.

Donald Trump and his team refused to concede the 2020 US election, accept Joe Biden’s win spreading completely unfounded claims that the election had been fraudulent. His team launched a series of lawsuits to fight outcomes in key states like Pennsylvania and Georgia, despite being unable to present any evidence.

Damning evidence of Trump’s corruption was published by the Washington Post of him asking Georgia’s Secretary of State to “find” the votes he needed to win the state.

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Some argue that this plan to discredit the election outcome was born months prior following Democrats advocated people utilise mail-in ballots because of the danger of in-person voting during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, Trump has refused to accept that he incited the riot, a charge he was impeached for a second time for.

Trump has not responded to the lawsuit, which was filed in Washington DC federal court. He has spread falsehoods about 6 January rioters saying they posed “zero threat”

CNN reached out to both Trump’s team and the US Capitol Police for comment, but no reply was given by either party.

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