A complete rundown of Trump's epic post-election Twitter tantrum

A complete rundown of Trump's epic post-election Twitter tantrum

Donald Trump is threatening legal action after Joe Biden looked to be in the lead over the president. But several key swing states are still yet to announce a winner.

At the time, of writing both Trump and Biden are shy of the 270 required to become the president-elect.

Trump managed to hang on to states like Texas and Florida but Biden is tipped to flip key states like Wisconsin and Michigan and Arizona.

States such as Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska are still counting the votes they have received due to a large number of mail-in ballots.

Biden has remained confident that he will reach the magic 270 number whereas Trump has been irate on social media, threatening legal action and declaring that he "hereby claims" victory.

Trump's behaviour on Twitter during Wednesday has been likened to one of his infamous temper tantrums and has seen many of his outbursts censored by Twitter, leading former aide Steve Bannon to call Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to be arrested.

With all this in mind, lets see what Trump has been up to on the world wide web for the last 24 hours.

Midnight - 1am

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted that he would be giving a statement in the White House, which saw him begin to suggest that there had been some fraudulent activity when some states delayed counting votes.

Shortly after this he had his first tweet of the day censored when he accused the Democrats of trying to 'STEAL the election' adding 'votes cannot be cast after the polls are closed.' Twitter has flagged this tweet as 'disputed' and 'misleading.'

2am - 3am

Trump possibly took a rest for a few hours or got some sleep but did retweet the aforementioned speech at 2:25am.

10am - 11am

This is where Trump started to get heavily censored by Twitter. Firstly he had a tweet flagged for complaining that his lead in Democrat-run states was diminishing adding that iT was 'VERY STRANGE.'

This tweet hasn't been censored but did see Trump call in mail-in ballot dumps 'devastating in their percentage and power of destruction.'

Trump quote retweeted a censored from a conservative blogger called Matt Walsh, who describes himself as a 'theocratic fascist' in his Twitter bio, who had himself retweeted a since deleted post by Matt Mackowiak, the president of the Travis County, Texas, Republican Party, who according to the LA Times had questioned the legitimacy of some ballots in Michigan. According to the Trump Twitter Archive, Trump had also retweeted Mackowiak's claims.

11am - Midday.

Trump appears surprised that more votes for Biden are coming in, calling it 'so bad for our country.'

Midday - 1pm

Trump has another tweet censored when he claims, without evidence, that 'they are working hard to make up 500,000 vote advantage in Pennsylvania disappear - ASAP.' He also hints that it is happening in Michigan and elsewhere.

1pm - 2pm

Trump lashes out after Republican Senate candidate John James, loses his race in Michigan, claiming that he had 'now found ballots' to keep him out.

Way before the result has been declared, Trump claims that he his winning 'Pennsylvania big.' Obviously, you can't be winning until the votes are all counted.

4pm - 5pm

Trump takes a break from Twitter for a few hours but returns and immediately has a tweet flagged for claiming that he has won the states of Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan. Neither Georgia or North Carolina has declared a winner and Michigan has been called for Biden. He also adds in a separate tweet that 'there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots as has been widely reported!' This was also censored.

6pm - 7pm

Trump begins to talk about getting his lawyers involved adding 'the damage has already been done to the integrity of our system and to the presidential election itself.'

Trump retweets Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the House, after they experienced increases in the house. Democrats flipped just two Republican seats and while Republicans managed to flip eight.

7pm - 8pm

Trump shares an article from the right-wing website Breitbart, calling for Pennsylvanian attorney general Josh Shapiro to 'step aside.'

The president then shares another Breitbart article about unsubstantiated claims about ballot counting "chaos" in Detroit, Michigan. The article also featured ugly scenes of Trump supporters trying to enter the building where votes were being counted.

9am - 10am

Trump's ranting has continued through to Thursday morning with his first tweet bodly stating 'STOP THE COUNT' although he didn't specify where and what for.

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