Six of the most ludicrous things Trump said in his first Fox interview since losing the election

Six of the most ludicrous things Trump said in his first Fox interview since losing the election

Donald Trump has taken part in his first on-screen interview since he lost the presidential election in November and he was given free reign to promote baseless conspiracy theories live on air.

In a relatively short interview, by Trump’s standards, which took place just before the Army-Navy football game in West Point, New York on Sunday, the president spoke to Brian Kilmeade from Fox News’ Fox and Friends show. 

For just over 11 minutes Trump was allowed to spread false accusations against the Democrats about voter fraud and election rigging and was not once corrected or questioned about these untrue claims that he was making. 

Before the interview even got to the election, Kilmeade asked Trump about what the president has done to combat the military cuts and trumpeted the disputed claim that the military was ‘out of bullets.’ Trump doesn’t even think twice about this claim and also says that the military ‘had no ammunition’ when he came into power in January 2017.

Moving on to the election, which would dominate to rest of the conversation, Trump begins promoting a conspiracy theory about Dominion voting machines being rigged against the president, a claim that many Republicans loyal to the president have spread in the last month.

According to Trump on election night the race was over and that 'bookies had stopped taking bets on it.' Trump then adds that ‘Dominion machines are the worst’ and that ‘nobody knows who owns it’ before describing the election as a ‘sham and a shame.’

Perhaps forgetting that he lost the popular vote in the 2016 by an overwhelming amount, Trump says that he is worried about the United States having an ‘illegitmate president’ once Joe Biden is sworn into office and claims that the election results weren’t even close. This was in response to a question about the ever-growing divides in the United States.

Trump is now claiming that ‘local people’ in the states that flipped for Biden helped to fix the election and claims that they concocted stories in order to give Biden more votes. He then likens the results to something that would have happened in a ‘third world country.’

The president goes on to state that his legal cases are being thrown out of courts and even the Supreme Court because of lack of evidence and that he doesn’t ‘have standing,’ which is usually what happens when something is dismissed from the courts for unsubstantial evidence.

Trump wraps up the interview by attacking US attorney general Bill Barr, praising Robert Mueller (imagine that) and that he doesn’t want ‘anything bad to happen to Hunter Biden’.

And that was that for Trump and his first television appearance since losing the election. All in all, there isn’t a huge amount of revelations or new talking points from the interview but it’s quite obvious that Trump is gonna ride this conspiracy theory right up until he is no longer president and will probably continue it long after that.

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