Reporter reveals the shocking abuse he received from Trump supporters at an anti-lockdown protest

Reporter reveals the shocking abuse he received from Trump supporters at an anti-lockdown protest

A reporter in the US state of New York has revealed the hatred that was directed towards him and his colleagues from Trump supporters during an anti-lockdown protest on Thursday.

Kevin Vesey, who works for News 12 Long Island, was reporting on a rally that was being held in the Commack area of Long Island. According to him, the report was unbiased but the scene soon turned ugly when he tried to interview some of the protestors.

As Vesey's own footage shows he was berated and 'practically chase' by people who were not wearing masks, brandishing Trump flags and being called 'fake news' while attempting to report on the story in an fair fashion.

One woman, who appeared to have two small children pursed him without keeping a safe distance, while another man gave him the middle finger during a less than two-minute video that Vesey filmed at the scene.

Signs at the event appeared to advocate for Bill Gates and Dr Anthony Facui to be hanged and another said: "Coronavirus is not going away but our incomes have."

Vesey later shared his finished story on the event which revealed even more shocking footage, which showed most of the protester's anger was being directed at the media with one man menacingly stalking Vesey and his team down the street, claiming that he had taken the unproven Malaria drug 'Hydroxychloroquine.'

Vesey's footage has since gone viral with many people appalled at what he had to through when he was simply trying to report on how the protestors were feeling during coronavirus.

Many of the protestors seemed annoyed at the safety measures that have been imposed upon them during the coronavirus pandemic and like other protests seen around the United States, wanted to return to work as soon as possible despite the virus still being rampant in the US, which is still the only country in the world to report more than 100 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

In addition to their anger, it is perhaps counterintuitive that they would berate the media when all the media was trying to do in this instance was report on their side of story and broadcast their messages to the rest of the world.

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