Trump claims he couldn’t hear the loud booing he was met with yesterday while paying respects to late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Yesterday, Trump and first lady Melania Trump were booed and jeered at as they paid respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg while she lay in repose at the top of the Supreme Court steps.

Crowds chanted “vote him out” and “honour her wish” – the latter a reference to Ginsburg’s dying wish for Trump not to nominate a Supreme Court replacement for her.

Trump has since announced that he will do exactly that on Saturday.

While the booing took place, Trump looked on and did not appear to respond to the jeers.

Despite the deafeningly loud chanting and jeering, however, Trump told reporters that he couldn’t hear it.

On the way to North Carolina for a campaign stop, Trump said:

I  think that was just a political chant. We could hardly hear it from where we were.

Somebody said there was some chanting. But they were right next to the media. But we could hardly hear too much.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, on the other hand, did manage to hear the protesters.

In an afternoon press conference, she said:

The chants were appalling but certainly to be expected when you’re in the heart of the swamp.

McEnany continued:

Everyone has a First Amendment in this country, but I thought it was an appalling and disrespectful thing to do as the president honoured Justice Ginsburg.

Protesters are furious after the news emerged that Trump will nominate a Supreme Court justice, despite the fact that the GOP refused to confirm Obama’s final-year nominee – Merrick Garland.

There are just 40 days to go until the election and the GOP are expected to move fast to confirm their justice.

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