Trump seems to think that he can stop veteran suicides with 'stimulants'

Trump seems to think that he can stop veteran suicides with 'stimulants'

Trump has been making headlines for all sorts of press this week, but his latest quote might be one of his most bizarre yet.

Before speaking at the American Veterans convention in Kentucky, Trump was questioned about what his administration is doing to prevent suicides among veterans.

Trump said:

There’s a product that’s made right now that just came out by Johnson & Johnson which has a tremendously positive, pretty short term, but nevertheless, a pretty positive effect.

I’ve instructed the head of the VA to go out and buy a lot of it, and we are buying a lot of it. Hopefully, we’re getting it at a very good cost.

The president added:

I guess it’s a form of a stimulant where if somebody is really in trouble from the standpoint of suicide, it can do something. It’s pretty well known. It just came out.

It’s made, I believe, by Johnson & Johnson and we have calls in now to Johnson & Johnson…we’ve been dealing with them for two months on buying a lot of it.

Many believe that the “stimulant” Trump is talking about is actually a nasal spray called Spravato which was derived from the horse tranquiliser ketamine. It’s been widely reported that it isn’t actually a “wonder drug”.

Regardless of what he was talking about people aren't impressed.

He didn’t elaborate on whether or not his administration plans to put in place any other initiatives for suicidal veterans besides ketamine.

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