Mystery British businessman bets £4m on Trump victory

Mystery British businessman bets £4m on Trump victory
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What would you do with £4m?

Give it to charity? Buy a mansion? Use it to make the US election a little more interesting?

One British businessman has opted for the latter, reportedly betting £4m on Trump winning.

According to The Sun, the ex-banker is said to have taken 37/20 odds at a private bookies on the Caribbean island of Curacao, making it a record-breaking political bet in the region.

For those not especially into betting, that means that If the mystery businessman is right about Trump winning, he can expect to win almost £12m.

Most experts believe Joe Biden will win the election. He continues to lead the polls, but there are those who argue that the polls can't be trusted, as they underestimate the number of Trump voters.

Still, £4m seems like a lot to risk in the hopes that political experts and forecasters are wrong...

This isn't the only time this week that a big bet has been placed on the upcoming election.

Just yesterday, Betfair Exchange announced that one of their users put £1m on Joe Biden beating Donald Trump.

They called this the "biggest single bet" of the 2020 US election.

Sam Romsbottom, a spokesperson for Betfair, said: "The £1m bet is the biggest political bet of all time on the Betfair Exchange and returns a handsome £1,540,000 if Biden wins the keys to the White House.

He continued: "The 2016 US election's record for being the biggest single betting event of all time was broken last week and the £271m bet on the 2020 election means it remains on-course to hit £400m."

Trump's odds, according to bookies, grew slightly over the weekend- but Biden is still currently the favourite to win. Betting exchange website Smarkets gives Biden a 65 per cent chance of winning the election.

Not to mention the fact that betting on elections is a little risky if you have skin in the game.

Here's hoping no one's tempting fate...

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