Donald Trump’s campaign rallies are always a mixture of the terrifying and the ridiculous.

In between joking about serving 5 terms as president and suggesting he’ll arrest his political enemies, Trump took time out from his Pennsylvania rally yesterday to invite a man on stage for wearing a “wall suit".

To the sound of the crowd chanting “build that wall”, Trump invited the man up for a handshake.

Okay... this is not normal.

Judging by this picture, it looks like the guy is meant to be in costume as the US-Mexico border wall.

I guess it’s a bit like cosplay.

There are obviously a lot of question to ask about this but none are more important than this one...

And the second one is - what inspires a man to wake up and buy a wall suit?!

You might be wondering right now where someone can buy this kind of suit.

Apparently you could buy them on Amazon but unfortunately, they’ve already sold out.

According to Fox & Friends, they were running low this morning.

But after some exposure from the Fox News morning show team, they were gone.

Just when you think Trump’s America can’t get any weirder, they always find a new way to go up a level.

Assuming the Trump presidency doesn't end up destroying America, we'll look back at this stuff and laugh.

HT: The Daily Beast

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