Even if you don't follow Donald Trump on Twitter it's pretty hard to avoid him on the platform as nearly every one of his tweets is shared thousands of times.

Whether he is complaining about the Democrats, ranting about 'WITCH HUNTS' or threatening to declare war on another country, Trump's tweeting knows no bounds.

You may ask why he chooses to use Twitter in such a manner as he could literally call a press conference whenever he wants and vent all day long.

During an interview with Steve Hilton of Fox News, Trump was asked about his 'rage tweeting' and in response, began bragging about how many Twitter followers he had.

Hilton said:

That's one of the things that you get hit about a lot.

They say he's up in the residence all morning, watching TV, rage tweeting at Morning Joe, he's not concentrating on the job.

What's your response to that?

Trump replied:

So, I have way over 100 million people on the various things - much more than that. Over 100 million people between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all of it. 

It's a tremendous way to communicate for me because I have so many people. When people do a book they beg me 'please give me - because it goes to be a best selling book.

If there is something interesting I like to watch it. I watch much less television. They like to make me look like I'm...

I'm up early in the morning. I'm in the Oval Office early. I leave late. They do that as a form of disparagement. 

Trump's bizarre attempt to justify tweeting whatever he wants, made about as much sense as the infamous 'covfefe tweet' and the rest of Twitter didn't quite know what to say.

Also, Trump's stats are a little off as he only has 97 million followers over the three major social networks whereas Barack Obama has over 100,000 million on Twitter alone.

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