Trump supporters claim Washington Redskins name change is 'capitulating to fascism'
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The Washington Redskins have finally decided to change their name and, predictably, not everyone is happy.

The NFL football team have faced pressure to change their name and logo, an image of a Native American man, since the 1960s.

But the team's corporate sponsors threatened to pull funding if their branding was changed, meaning little action was ever taken.

Team owner Dan Snyder was also vehemently against it, saying in 2013:

We'll never change the name. It's that simple. NEVER.

Now, finally, after several protests, letters from Congress and an entire South Park episode dedicated to the controversy, Snyder and his team have backed down.

Again, the input of their sponsors was likely a factor: FedEx, Pepsi and the Bank of America all called on the Redskins to reconsider their team name.

This comes after several big brands voiced their support of the Black Lives Matter movement, which also sparked conversations about the colonisation of indigenous lands and people.

The (frankly long overdue) news was welcomed by Native American Congresswoman Deb Haaland who said "it's about time" the name was changed and thanked those who had helped it to happen.

The move was also praised by the Change the Mascot campaign and other Native-led groups.

But, obviously, not everyone is happy.

Trump reacted furiously to the news.

And yet, he didn't think a president should be weighing in on the debate when Obama supported the name change...

Trump supporters also hit out at the Redskins.

The Cleveland Indians are reportedly considering changing their name, too.

But there are plenty of other NFL teams whose names have been criticised that are yet to change, including the Atlanta Braves, Chicago Blackhawks and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Washington Redskins have not yet decided what their team name will be in future.

Frontrunners include the Red Tails, the Washington Warriors and the Washington Monuments.

If the Washington Monuments is chosen, the NFL team could find itself faced with yet more controversy, given that George Washington owned slaves.

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