Trump’s White House made a PowerPoint slide on how to end democracy and people are terrified

Trump’s White House made a PowerPoint slide on how to end democracy and people are terrified

Former White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, handed over a damning PowerPoint presentation to the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack that featured plans to derail Biden’s presidency.

The slides were released to the House committee by Meadows with the title reading: “Election Fraud, Foreign Interference & Options for 6 JAN.”

Contents of the PowerPoint included allegations that China had effective control of American voting machines, therefore creating plausible “fraud”, and urged Donald Trump to declare a “national security emergency” to throw out election results across several US states.

The presentation, which spanned 36 pages, was part of an email sent on January 5 that intended to be presented to members of Congress before they met in a joint session to certify President Joe Biden’s victory.

Guardian journalist, Hugo Lowell, tweeted some of the slides in the presentation.

This is just the latest shocking revelation to come from the ongoing trial of the January 6 investigation, that Trump and allies aggressively attempted to hide.

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar has since commented on the document on Twitter, slamming it as “a plan for a coup”.

“We need get serious about what the consequences for that should be,” she said.

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And online, people are having the only reasonable reaction to the news that the former US president had a plan to end democracy.

“‘Declare national security emergency’ Chilling, absolutely chilling to see this in writing,” wrote New Yorker staff writer, Susan Glasser.

Mikel Jollett wrote: “If you ever wonder just how fake right wing "outrage" is, consider that Republicans wanted to lock Hillary Clinton in jail for life because of scant evidence she stored emails incorrectly but are perfectly fine with Trump planning to overthrow democracy on a fucking powerpoint.”

“I write about authoritarian regimes for a living. I work in the world of putsch, juntas, & other extra-constitutional means to subvert democracy. Whether it is by military force or by PowerPoint, let me state: A coup by any other name is still a coup,” wrote another.

One Twitter user wrote, “Maybe we should have a Powerpoint for punishing traitors to democracy?”

California Congressman Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeted,“How boldly are Republicans trying to overthrow the Biden government? They had a PowerPoint plan. Why were they so bold? Because they think you and DOJ don’t care and thus they can’t be stopped. We are in a battle for democracy. It’s on life support.”

“Had anyone in the previous administration done a PowerPoint for eliminating COVID as Meadows did for eliminating democracy, perhaps 800,000 Americans would be alive to celebrate the holidays,” wrote another.

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