Melania Trump selling old hat for $250k and people think it’s kinda trashy

Melania Trump selling old hat for $250k and people think it’s kinda trashy

Melania Trump announced on Tuesday that, later this month, she will be holding an auction for three items called The Head of State Collection.

The auction will include her self-described “iconic broad-brimmed, one-of-a-kind hat” that she wore when Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron visited the White House back in April 2018.

To further incentivize bidders, she has signed the custom white hat that was created for her by her personal stylist, Hervé Pierre.

In addition to the hat, the auction lot will include a watercolor of her wearing the same hat by French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon, the same artist who drew her eyes for her NFT last month, and a digital version of that same artwork as a non-fungible token.

The former first lady announced the news on Twitter.

In her tweet, Trump said that “a portion of the proceeds will support children from the foster care community,” though it is unclear how much will be donated.

The three items will have an opening bid of $250,000. Moreover, the only payment accepted is via SOL, a form of cryptocurrency.

When news dropped, many people online compared Trump’s post-White House career to that of previous first ladies such as Michelle Obama —and they did not mince their words.

“Since Melania is auctioning off items she wore during state visits as First Lady to make a buck, let me remind you that Michelle Obama's Best Dresses Are NOT Hanging in Her Closet. They were given to the national archives or donated to the Smithsonian,” wrote one person.

Others criticized Trump’s venture into the world of NFT’s, which many viewed as a dodgy way to further her own personal profit.

Of course, what is the internet if not humorous? Some people took advantage of the news to poke fun at the ongoing joke about her and her husband Donald Trump.

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One person tweeted, “Melania Trump humiliates herself by promoting a public yard sale auctioning off personal items including the hat she wore with Emmanuel Macron - but divorce lawyers can be expensive.”

Another said, “So, Melania Trump is selling off Presidential Memorabilia to raise a few bucks? I sure hope someone took inventory at the White House after those two left.”

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