A tsunami was supposed to hit Sydney and people were very upset when it didn't

After a sign in central Sydney warned of a tsunami disaster taking place on 20 September, people in Australia were left perplexed when it didn't pan out as expected.

The sign, which warns of a deadly and unstoppable tsunami, appears to have been left in central Sydney by a Christian activist.

Just like the many doomsday prophecies such as the rapture, to no one's surprise the wave failed to materialise. But that didn't stop Sydney residents from giving the sign a good roasting.

Making light of the potentially dark situation, a countdown began to the big day.

But when it became clear that the tsunami would not be making an appearance, the ridicule intensified.

Unbelievably, many, including "God", forgot about the tsunami entirely, perhaps a sign of how seriously it was taken as a threat.

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