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In 2019, it has almost become too easy to mock politicians for their endless stream of bad takes and dishonesty, especially around Brexit.

Take for instance Tory MP, Daniel Kawczynski, whose refusal to admit he got facts wrong about Britain's post-WWII history is ripe for parody.

Now it's all well and good that platforms like Twitter can allow us to mock an MP for flagrant inaccuracies and failure to own them, but what happens when the media fail to admonish them for their actions.

The writer and consulting editor to The Financial Times, David Allen Green, laid out why Kawczynski's comments are far more damaging than simple ignorance and harder to dismiss than being the punchline of a joke.

In a fascinating Twitter thread, he explains how the relentless news cycle, the media's ability to 'obligingly dismiss' stories, and Kawczynski trying to distract from the controversy, help contribute to the current class of politicians.

HT The Poke

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