The two headlines that tell you everything about racism in America

The two headlines that tell you everything about racism in America

Two black men have been shot dead by police in the US in the last week.

The deaths of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott have shocked the world, caused widespread protests and once again shone light on racism in the US. No more so than in the media.

While the circumstances of the separate events are still under investigation, some of the American press have highlighted the criminal records of both Crutcher and Scott.

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Many have been quick to point out the hypocrisy of this and compared the coverage to that of convicted rapist Brock Turner, whose swimming accolades were almost celebrated by the press.

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Scott's death has led to clashes between protesters and police in Charlotte, North Carolina - and Betty Shelby, the policewoman who shot Crutcher, has been charged with manslaugher.

This tweet, which treats Shelby in a similar manner to how people feel Scott and Crutcher been portrayed, has been shared thousands of time...

As has this poem, which contrasts the ways a white man accused of a crime and a black man thought to be the victim of a crime have been treated...

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