Two women have decided to run a 26 mile marathon in their underwear to raise money for a mental health charity and promote body positivity.

Bryony Gordon, a Telegraphcolumnist, and model Jada Sezer, will be running in their bras, knickers and trainers.

Gordon told The Independent:

We are doing it to prove that exercise is for everyone, that you can be ‘overweight’ and healthy.

She added that it was when they were training for the marathon that they came up with the idea to run it in their underwear. They wanted “to show people that curvy girls could do it" – even those classed as clinically ‘obese’.

[We wanted to] show, as plainly as possible, that exercise is for everyone, and all bodies look different.

Their run hopes to raise £10,000 for mental health charity Heads Together. They have already raised £10,416.

The duo have received an outpouring of support from people online.

Others are praising the duo for raising awareness about a variety of body shapes.

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