People are roasting the government after it invited anyone to ask a question about coronavirus

The government asked the UK public to send in their questions about the pandemic, and it went about as well as you’d expect.

The UK Prime Minister Twitter account had a fairly simple request:  “Do you have a question about coronavirus that you’d like to ask the government?”

Ostensibly, the government probably expected some light discussion on a public forum, but people had more pressing questions. Namely, why have they messed up their coronavirus response so much?

At this point, what else did the government think people were going to ask?

The tweet was flooded with thousands of responses, most of which expressed the public’s dissatisfaction over how the government has handled the pandemic.

The glaring problem to many was the decision to let households mix for Christmas, while just weeks later, the Covid-19 death toll is soaring. Over the weekend, the UK exceeded 80,000 deaths due to Covid-19.

Suffice to say, people used the opportunity to ask the government the questions that really need answering.

People also wondered when the wages for NHS staff would be increased as ‘Clap for Carers’ made its return last week.

There were questions about Dominic Cummings.

And the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Some were baffled as to why the UK hasn’t followed the lead of other countries who have successfully handled Covid-19.

Others were more straightforward with their questions.

This feels like the only response you could have.

What a wonderful idea from the government to openly invite people to roast them.

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