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In the last few weeks we’ve seen anti-lockdown protests across America as tensions continue to grow over the economic impacts of Covid-19.

Depressingly, it seems like Britain is only too keen to adopt the very worst things that happen across the pond, so it was only a matter of time before similar protests arrived here.

The team at went to an “anti-tyranny” protest outside parliament this week and spoke to some people who were in attendance.

Generally, they were absolutely furious about lockdown and 5G (the endlessly debunked conspiracy theory that 5G masts are causing coronavirus).

Josh Kaplan, who made the video, tweeted it and made his feelings on the attendees pretty clear, saying they had “about four brain cells”... and we’ll let you make your mind up on that one.

But people can’t work out whether these protesters are hilarious or completely terrifying.

In the replies there’s a lot of mockery, but also concern at how these people arrived at the place where they’re behaving like this.

For example one woman, who on the face of things looks pretty normal, was filmed saying:

This is tyranny… we’re being told this is the new normal, they’re trying to condition us now that we have to accept this.

Astonishingly, when asked what’ll happen if lockdown is extended, she said:

I think we will be living in a far worse dystopian version of Nazi Germany. People we know will start to disappear.

MORE DYSTOPIAN… than NAZI GERMANY? Alrighty then. Where do we even start with that nonsense?

She then said:

I don’t care if people ridicule me… it’s now or never.

… Which is just as well, really, because lots of people are now ridiculing her. Before ending on a more sombre (and ridiculous) note:

I don’t see us getting our rights back, once the government takes your rights away, they don’t give them back to you

Then we have another unidentified attendee, who is absolutely convinced that the 5G conspiracy theory is real (it isn’t).

The government are using the virus to cover up the fact that they’re rolling out 5G, which is a war weapon.

If you look up radiation poisoning the effects of that and the effects of Covid-19 fit together like a glove.

They don't, by the way, but he continues...

I’m here to save the rights of the human race

… the rights… of… the human race……… OK then.

Then we have a woman who seems a bit more chill, and is even wearing a mask, who says:

I believe the virus is real but it’s not as bad as they’re saying.

... Then why are you wearing a mask?!

Finally there’s some wise (not wise) words from someone who appears to be one of the leaders of the protest. He says:

The virus has never been proven to exist.

(It has, many times just FYI.)

And this is pretty insulting to everyone who has lost loved ones and the health workers who are risking their lives to keep us all safe.

Again, surprise surprise, 5G comes up again.

They are furthering their new world order and their agenda. They’re installing 5G everywhere.

Obviously there's a lot of humour in these videos. BUT, at the risk of sounding boring, it's a reminder of how important it is to consume trusted news sources and not believe everything you read on social media. Because the consequences of lots of people thinking these things aren't funny, and could actually be pretty dangerous.

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