15 of the most delightful pictures of people loving their snow day

It’s been about five minutes since the United Kingdom last had treacherous weather conditions – yet snow is back and it’s bringing chaos.

The environment agency has issued a warning after a third successive weekend of storms. For some reason. just as your toast will always fall onto the floor butter side down, the very worst weather seems to happen on weekends,

There are calls for Boris Johnson to visit the most badly affected areas but naturally they have fallen on deaf ears and the prime minister is doing exactly as he wishes.

People are sharing some remarkable images of the conditions and here are some of the best ones.

In Yorkshire, the snow is covering the landscape.

Things were no better in Durham.

Scotland, as one might expect, is giving off strong Hogwarts vibes.

But what about the poor animals?

Apparently there is more than a fortnight of downpours and flooding in store so enjoy the tweets because it's one of the only positives to take from all this.

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