A UKIP candidate for the European elections argued that feminism was the cause of a rise in the number of men carrying out mass murders. Yes, really.

Carl Benjamin, otherwise known as Sargon of Akkad on social media, argued in a now-deleted YouTube video that feminism was responsible for the deterioration of male mental health and that it is because of this that more men are carrying out mass murders.

The video was reportedly posted on Benjamin's YouTube channel in 2014 after six people were killed in California by a young man who said the killings were a response to women rejecting him sexually.

In the footage, Benjamin, who refused to apologise after he tweeted "I wouldn't even rape you" to Labour MP Jess Phillips, says:

This is what feminism has wrought – a generation of men who do not know what to do, who are being demonised for what they are.

Before your stupid social justice feminist bullshit, it didn’t happen on this scale. It’s crazy – this is a disease of the modern age.

He also argued that male killers feel "disenfranchised" and "out of options", saying:

You are responsible for perpetuating it, by disenfranchising these poor fucking guys who don’t have any options left.

The question you and all of your stupid fucking feminist cultists need to be asking is, why are these men becoming misogynists in the first place? What is this feminist-run society doing to them that is causing them to go insane?

When someone takes the option of absolute, insanely last resort, you have to wonder what kind of system is producing them. 

After these reports, made by the Guardian, emerged, the charity Solace Women's Aid condemned Benjamin for his previous comments.

The 39-year-old from Swindon is now hoping to be elected to the European Parliament in next month's European Elections but has been in the spotlight a lot in the past weeks for shocking remarks made against women.

HT The Guardian

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