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UKIP isn't and never was much of a parliamentary force, so any position they want to take on Brexit is never going to be received with the utmost seriousness.

Without a single MP to their name and with Nigel Farage no longer within their ranks, it's a bit rich that they would send a letter to The Queen asking her to suspend parliament.

In a tweet posted on Thursday, the party leader Gerard Batten asks the Queen to prorogue parliament until Brexit happens so to prevent any MPs from making the situation any worse.

The tweet claimed Batten was petitioning Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to prorogue parliament and that 'the 1992 Treaty on European Union is treasonous'.

If you can't quite read that, it says:

It is evident that these same Members of Parliament are attempting by all and any means to thwart this result.

They are accordingly in breach of their pledge to you and us, your citizens, and of a long-standing constitutional convention whereby parliament must implement the will of the people expressed in a popular vote and are bound by electoral manifestos which have received popular assent at General Election.

Therefore, I ask Your Majesty to thwart their efforts and to prorogue parliament from now until after 29 March 2019 which the agreed date set aside in the Withdrawal Act of Parliament of 2018 when the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.

'The will of the people' - not that old chestnut again.

While UKIP has every right to do something like this, it's probably not a great look for a party with no MPs to ask for parliament to be suspended and prevent MPs from doing their jobs, no matter how badly they are doing them.

As you can imagine, the backlash and takedowns of UKIP soon started to arrive, and let's just say that they didn't take kindly to their efforts to overthrow parliament.

People also noticed that this sounded pretty familiar...

Batten's infamous pink blazer also made a reappearance.

Also, appealing to the Queen might not do much good.

Imagine making a statement so deluded that you make Nigel Farage look like an almost decent and considerate politician.

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