People think the new Ukip leader is a Catherine Tate character

Louis Staples
Tuesday 03 December 2019 09:45

Ain’t no mountain low enough in the public’s estimations than Pat Mountain, Ukip’s new interim leader.

Yesterday Mountain appeared on Sky News to chat with Adam Boulton about the embattled party’s general election campaign.

The appearance caused quite the stir online, but not for the reasons Mountain – or the roughly six remaining Ukip supporters in the UK – would have hoped.

In an interview so bad it needs to be seen to be believed, Mountain essentially admitted that Ukip is racist, and didn’t seem to know basic facts about the party’s policies or election campaign.

Seriously, it was awful.

But politics aside, people are making the same observation about Mountain’s appearance and demeanour.

Lots of are suggesting that Mountain reminds them of British comedian Catherine Tate, or more precisely, a character from one of Tate’s sketches. 'Nan' – a character known for her bad temperament and, shall we say, "un-PC" views – is a particularly close comparison.

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