Ukip voter rings radio phone-in about Ukip policies, can't name one

Ukip's success has long been attributed to Nigel Farage and his cohorts successfully tapping into the 'anti-politics' vibe.

This chart, from Statista, shows that one in ten Ukip supporters did not vote at all at the last general election.

Despite their stunning electoral victory in Clacton yesterday, and coming within 600 votes of providing an even bigger shock by beating Labour in its heartlands, Ukip has long been accused of being a one-man band, and of making up policy on the hoof.

As the party grows it naturally comes under more scrutiny, so LBC's James O'Brien hosted a discussion yesterday on the topic of 'what Ukip stands for'.

Jack from Welling rang in to give a passionate defence of Ukip but amid one awkward pause after another, failed to name one policy or explain what the party stood for beyond "loads of things".

The clip is worth listening to in its entirety, but here's Jack explaining why people in Clacton voted for Ukip: "Because they know if they don't vote someone like Ukip in it will end up being down there like loads of places, in London, in Bradford…"

"It will be like what," O'Brien cuts in to say, "do you just mean it will be full of foreigners?"

"Well... yes," the caller replies.


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