The United States of America is geographically huge and culturally and ethnically diverse.

Going from one state to the next can literally feel like you are travelling to an entirely different country.

As with most nations there are the same old tired stereotypes that can thrown around - but it can be even more specific for states.

You've probably heard that the old impression that California is just full of hippies and that only old people live in Florida.

We can't possibly comment on that. But Google might have a thing or two to say about the subject.

For instance simply asking the search engine "Why is Idaho so..." can return some pretty uncomplimentary autocompletes.

In fact all 50 states, from Alaska to Maine, suffer the indignity of the Google autocomplete stereotype.

Here is a handy map to prove it.

Thanks to Bazomo and Redditfor sharing this amusing but slightly concerning map.

Users on the a popular mapping subreddit thread have tried to explain why some of these stereotypes are either too accurate or farfetched.

HT Reddit

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