A university just voted to revoke Trump's honorary degree

A large majority of faculty members at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania have voted the school should revoke a 1988 honorary degree awarded to Donald Trump.

Almost 83 per cent of faculty members approved the motion to rescind the honour. The motion is supported by saying Trump is entirely unworthy of the degree:

Based on a long history of numerous documented statements that are antithetical to our core values.

The student newspaper account for Lehigh University, Brown and White, tweeted the following:

It was declared that the statements made by Trump don't align with Lehigh's standards for "respectful discourse where differences of opinion exist".

They even went as far as saying that if anyone in the on-campus community made statements akin to things President Trump has said that they would be subject to disciplinary action.

The motion added:

By staying silent we are bystanders; we normalise hate speech, condone discrimination and bullying; we enable people in positions of power to corrode the foundations of civil society; and we abdicate our commitment and responsibility to uphold and sustain our core value.

Common decency seems to be few and far between these days, so it's certainly refreshing to see something like this happening.

This isn't the first time that Lehigh University has rescinded a previously awarded honour. Citing as a precedent for this, the university also revoked an honorary degree awarded to Bill Cosby in 2015 for:

Behaviour inconsistent with the character and high standards expected of honorees.

In case you didn't know, Bill Cosby faces dozens of sexual assault allegations.

The university’s student government body also moved to support the motion but the final decision on whether Trump's honorary degree will be revoked shall be decided by the board of trustees.

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