Top music YouTuber doesn't give 'sloppy' Taylor Swift album a rating in scathing review

Top music YouTuber doesn't give 'sloppy' Taylor Swift album a rating in scathing review
Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department ALBUM REVIEW

Popular music YouTuber Anthony Fantano, who reviews new albums and usually gives them a score out of 10 - has failed to give Taylor Swift'sThe Tortured Poets Department album a score, which he described as "sloppy" and "stinks".

Fantano's theneedledrop YouTube channel has 2.84m subscribers on the video-sharing platform and is one of the best-known online music critics on the platform.

He previously flat out refused to review Kanye 'Ye' West and Ty Dolly $ign's collaborative album, blasting it as "completely unreviewable trash".

While he didn't go that far this time around, theneedledrop did fail to give The Tortured Poets Department album a score and was fairly critical of it.

In the video, theneedledrop said: "Historically, Taylor is an artist whose current state very much shows up in her work, whether we want it to or not.

"It's not the first time Taylor has taken on the role as a woman scorned, heartbroken, torn apart, but now we are there again, Taylor is drinking from that well harder than ever like a dehydrated camel.

"This time, I would say it's different, she's going to new lengths.

"Taylor is just in her bag creatively when there is an ex to be mad at which is why The Tortured Poets Department should be great - but it's not."

Fantano goes on to break down why he thinks Swift fails to deliver on some of her promises on numerous tracks on the albums.

"Florida!!!' and 'Who's Afraid of Little Old Me' is where Taylor cannot help herself from ripping off Lana del Rey again, and again, and again, not only lyrically, but vocally and melodically," Fantano says.

"I can kind of see why Taylor is daring her contemporaries to 'try to come for my job' at the end of 'I Can Deal With a Broken Heart' because if I was this lacking in new, fresh ideas, I would feel paranoid too.

"What number reason am I on for why this album stinks?

"It is uncharacteristically sloppy for Taylor in terms of song writing execution and what I mean by that is the tracks we're hearing on this record feel not so much like songs, as much as it feels like Taylor is just spilling tea.

"The biggest threat to her public image at this point is actually her.

"While I understand there, of course, will be fans who will be defending this album to the death, admiring how vulnerable and how unfiltered it is, that's also the problem because this album is also very unedited, it's also very unchallenged."

But he does not go on to score the album out of 10 and except cuts to a skit with his long-running side-comedy character Cal Chuchesta.

Swift's 11th studio album dropped on April 19 and was mostly well-received by critics.

It generated a lot of talk and reaction - one track called 'thanK you aIMee' seems to take aim at Kim Kardashian, Matty Healy's family have spoken out to defend him after Swift took aim and Travis Kelce 'confirmed' a number of tracks on it are about him.

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