Public urinators will have pee splashed back in their face in new scheme

Charity campaigner Kevin Sinfield caught urinating in awkward gaffe on live TV

People who urinate on walls in public could soon be in for a bit of a shock, after the unveiling of a new London scheme.

Streets in Soho are being painted with a "splash back" substance as part of a new Westminster City Council initiative, which will also see more people fined if caught.

It comes after the council spent close to £1 million on cleaning fees after residents complained following an increase in public urination incidents, BBC News reports.

The paint is designed to splash back liquid and will be a feature in five London areas including Westminster and central London.

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The initiative will also see posters with anti-public urination messages and QR codes to find nearby public toilets.

The new initiative will see water-repellent paint used to tackle public urinationiStock

Westminster councillor Patrick Lilley said: “It is an absolute disgrace that long-suffering residents have to put up with tourists using Soho as their personal toilet.“If someone did their business outside your front door, I’m sure you’d feel the same.

“The anti-pee paint, combined with the community protection notices should teach those perpetrators a lesson.”The Soho Society also set out its plans to spend £20,00 on toilets in Soho from Thursday to Sunday.

Soho Society chairman Tim Lord said: "There are hundreds of drunk people who meet at pubs in Soho. It's extraordinary we don't have more public toilets.

"On Houston Street, residents just get people urinating on their doors. It's awful."

Council deputy leader Aicha Less said: “It's finally ‘pee-back time’, and we're taking action to stop people using alleyways or doorways as a toilet.

"If people are caught short after a night out, I encourage visitors to go before you leave the venue or use the public toilets around Soho and Westminster instead of using alleyways or side streets."

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