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A border security expert has put 'mansplaining' Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw in his place over why a border wall just won't work.

Juliette Kayyem, a former assistant at the Department of Homeland Security and Harvard professor, tried to rekindle her discussion with Crenshaw on Monday, who offered on Friday to give a security explanation to the expert.

Kayyem said she'd deal with his 'he-man' behaviour and respond to him when she was back from her vacation.

And she finally got round to responding on Monday, first apologising for the delay.

Then she launched into her excellent response, outlining why Trump's border wall is neither the most effective nor the most efficient way to protect the border.

She then addressed Crenshaw's 'mansplaining'.

Kayyem then took a break of about eight hours, before taking up the thread again offering more details on what border security would entail in order to be successful.

I think we'd call that a mic drop...

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