This man's hilarious gatecrashing of French TV's coverage of the US election has gone viral

This man's hilarious gatecrashing of French TV's coverage of the US election has gone viral

Widespread celebrations broke out across the United States on Saturday after it was confirmed that Joe Biden was the president-elect and had defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Biden was projected to win the state of Pennsylvania, giving him the 270 electoral college point required to win the election. This ignited a huge amount of celebrations in the streets, not dissimilar to the final scenes of Return of the Jedi.

People, many of whom were wearing face masks amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, flooded the streets, consumed alcohol and danced to music, leading to some awkward moments for some news networks especially CNN, who accidentally broadcast the YG song 'FDT.'

Arguably the best and most amusing moment occurred on French television when Maxime Switek, a reporter for BFM TV, the country's biggest news channel, was interrupted by a topless man in Washington DC who proceeded to tell him how much he loved France and do his best French accent. He shouts:

I’ve been to France; it’s beautiful! I ate escargot! I love a croissant. I love an omelette du fromage.

Although it could have been perceived as a bit annoying and rude, luckily for the topless man, the French reporter saw the funny side of things and couldn't help but laugh at the situation.

The above video has now been viewed more than 9 million times since Saturday and it's safe to say that people are loving it.

Bonus points for anyone who picked up on his very niche Dexter's Laboratory reference.

According to Forbes, the instant internet icon is 30-year-old Meka Anyanetu and he is genuinely a big fan of France and had studied French at the University of Michigan. Speaking to Forbes, he said:

The French are great. I love French food. I love the basic jam there. I love the clothing. I definitely want to come back there and I can’t wait to travel. That was one of my plans this year that was cancelled by Covid.

Let your audience know and let the Francophone world know that. I’m not just some oblivious American who watched one TV show. I actually used to know French. I love their transit and as well as their quality of food. Like just things like bread, the meat. I feel like basic items just taste so much better there.

If you enjoyed Meka's antics on French television and want to see him relive his dream of visiting France again then he is raising money for his trip on Venmo.

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