US fraternity suspended after video showing members screaming the n-word goes viral


University of Georgia fraternity has been suspended over after a video emerged which appeared to show one of their members beating another with a belt while saying “pick my cotton, n*****” as people laughed in the background.

In the video, which went viral after being shared on Twitter, a Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity member can be seen whipping another man with a belt.

The victim said, during the incident:

I’m not black!

The person holding the belt then responds:

Pick my cotton! Pick my cotton, b****h.

At this point, someone in the background says:

Woah, you’re not using the right words.

But the perpetrator again states:

Pick my cotton, n*****.

The University of Georgia student government association quickly announced that the fraternity has been immediately suspended.

The executive officers of the Student Government Association are aware of a video circulating on social media that depicts individuals identified as members of a UGA Greek organisation using racist language and engaging in behaviours that mock the suffering of enslaved peoples.

We have been notified that the chapter is currently suspended, and we can confirm that there is an investigation underway regarding the students involved in the video.

NBC News also reported that four of the fraternity members involved in the video have been expelled.

In the social media age, it’s increasingly common for racist, sexist or homophobic fraternity videos to emerge online.

Last April, the Theta Tau fraternity in Syracuse University was suspended after a clip of its members engaging in lewd behaviour and saying the n-word surfaced.

H/T: Newsweek

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