US shopping channel slammed by news anchor for selling Covid test

US shopping channel slammed by news anchor for selling Covid test

As Covid-19 cases rise amid the Omicron variant, more and more people are seeking out tests as the US faces a nationwide shortage.

So when a home shopping channel promoted Covid-19 tests on their network, many felt as though the channel was trying to capitalize off the deadly virus—and it didn’t sit well with anyone watching the obvious cash grab.

“We are so excited about our Flowflex at home antigen test!” ShopHQ host Melissa Miner said.

The at-home rapid antigen tests are being sold as a set of five for under $120.

“We are the only home shopping network to offer this tests and quantities are limited again,” Miner added, “These types of tests are sold out. I know they are, in your area. It’s all over the news. Nobody can find them.”

In addition to the advertisement made by the host, Miner also taps in a plastic surgeon named Dr. Terry Dubrow, whom Real Housewives fans might recall being on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“This is such a critical thing for everyone one of you to have at home,” Dubrow said.

Dubrow’s purpose of being a part of this ad is essentially to help pitch the at-home Covid-19 tests while boasting about his “epidemiology training” that apparently gives him the right to speak about matters such as a deadly worldwide pandemic.

Dubrow then goes on to gush about the fact that false positives are very rare with these sold-out everywhere (except for on this network, of course) and how the 15 minute test is FDA authorized.

“This is sold out everywhere. This is unavailable,” Dubrow bragged.

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“The false positive rate on this is zero meaning if you get a positive test on this, ladies and gentlemen, you have Covid. Ladies and gentlemen, you are also contagious,” he adds.

In response to this NewsNation host and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams slammed the channel during his news segment Dan Abrams Live.

“With the Omicron variant raging, so many experts recommend home testing to assess your risk to others. Except, somehow, they are in extremely short supply,” Abrams said. “Long lines can be seen throughout the country at testing sites and in locations that have the kits for sale.”

“Look, I don’t blame the doctor or ShopHQ for selling the tests, but when we are close to entering our third year of the Covid pandemic and a home shopping channel with a Real Housewives doctor is your best bet for a home testing kit? Well that is pathetic,” he concluded.

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