Vegan activists have returned to a Toronto restaurant whose owner carved up a deer’s leg in front of protestors, insisting they just want to have a “dialogue”.

A group of protesters reappeared in front of the Antler Kitchen & Bar, a restaurant that serves locally and ethically sourced boar, bison and deer.

Marni Ugar, who attended, told The Star:

I don’t consider this protest as an attack on him or an attack on his business.

Michael Carver, who owned the restaurant, responded to the first protest by cutting up a leg of deer and eating it in the window in front of the activists.

Placards read ‘Be kind, be vegan,’ while others held up images of dogs and pigs.

Ugar said:

The story has since become about the deer carving but I still want to have dialogue.

This protest is about speciesism. A pig is killed and slaughtered to be eaten but no one says anything. If the restaurant were killing dogs, people would be angered. On dogs we put booties and a jacket and cuddle with it.

Some people have been asking Ugar why she doesn’t protest in front of a McDonald’s (there are three within a three mile radius of the Antler Kitchen & Bar).


She says it’s because she’s a “grass-roots organiser” so her “activism focuses on local businesses”.

Not everyone is convinced.

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