With Nigel Farage’s Brexit party still in poll position in the EU elections, the task has fallen to one man to take him on.

Jeremy Corbyn? Boris Johnson? Chuka Umunna?

No, no and no. Given that the Liberal Democrats are currently polling at 19 per cent, above the Labour and Conservative parties, their leader Vince Cable has participated in a live debate with Farage. The debate was facilitated this morning by The Telegraph.

As the leader the Lib Dems - arguably the UK’s most pro-Remain party - Cable had a lot riding on his performance. But sadly an unfortunate use of words seems to be overshadowing the debate.

After Nigel Farage mentioned the Brexit Party’s “diverse” range of candidates, Cable accused Farage of whipping up antagonism to foreigners during the 2016 referendum. He specifically referenced Farage's "breaking point" poster which depicted hundreds of foreign men who were allegedly coming to the UK.

Cable then sought to establish himself as an anti-racist by saying:

I welcome people with dark faces, I was married to one.

People on social media reacted with a collective face-palm to Cable’s phrasing.

It has been compared to when Change UK MP Angela Smith infamously described ethnic minorities as having a “funny tinge” just hours after the launch of her new party.

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