Bride urged to divorce new husband on the spot thanks to skin-crawlingly bad vows

Bride urged to divorce new husband on the spot thanks to skin-crawlingly bad vows

Bride and groom were on very different pages when it came to writing their vows to one another

(Samuel Foree/Instagram)

A new bride has been urged to file for an almost instant divorce after footage of her husband’s vows went viral.

Clips of the eyebrow-raising ceremony were shared on social media by videographer Samuel Foree, who described it as “the most interesting wedding [he'd] ever filmed”.

Initially, the whole thing looked idyllic, with the loved-up pair getting hitched on a sunlit plain nestled between two lakes in Kentucky.

The bride, named only as Kaitlin, clearly put a great deal of time, thought and emotion into her speech at the alter.

Addressing her man, Cody, she said: “From the moment we met in high school, we have had a special bond that was indescribable. Since then, you have distracted me, captivated me, and challenged me in a way no one ever has.

“I always thought it'd be difficult to find someone who would love me when I was in a million pieces. It's like trying to solve a puzzle when you don't know if you have all the right pieces.”

The bride put a great deal of love and care into her speech(Samuel Foree/Instagram)

She continued: “But when I say I wouldn't be more proud and the man, dad, and partner you are today, I mean it. And I have fallen in love with you over and over again.”

Ending her moving monologue, she said: “You showed me that not every piece has to be in place to create something special. That love can exist and the most imperfect, lost and broken people.

“I promise to always be true to you, to support you, to frustrate you, and challenge you, to hold you accountable and to share with you the most beautiful moments of my life.”

As the congregation wiped back tears, the celebrant admitted he’d “hate to have to follow that”, before inviting the groom to share his own thoughts.

But far from attempt to meet his wife-to-be’s standard, Cody instead offered simply: “I promise to smack that a** every chance I get,” following up with a thrust of the hips and some sort of “boooh” noise.

He then added, through giggles: “That’s all I got.”

“Is that it?” the celebrant asked, as a voice in the crowd sighed: “Come on Cody.”

However, the officiant was determined to squeeze some form of sentiment out of him so, during the exchanging of rings, he urged him to “say words”.

Conceding, he told his high school sweetheart: “I promise to frustrate you all the time. I promise I'm not going to listen to you.”

Then, continuing to laugh, he confessed: “I didn’t write nothin’ [sic] down,” before nodding: “That’s what I’m going out with, we’ve made it this long.”


I promise to smack that 👋 FELLAS, this is your sign to go write those vows…now 🤣🫶 #ckent #weddingfilmmaker #sheehans #farmlife #vows

Cody’s skin-crawling dedications were instantly met with horror by viewers on Instagram, TikTok and X/Twitter, with the recordings of his address racking up millions of views in a matter of days.

“Can you get divorced during a wedding service? Asking for this lady?” one commentator wrote.

“Her vows compared to his, man. F**king shameful. I hope he sees and feels every ounce of backlash he’s getting,” fumed a second.

“He basically said, ‘Well, I've treated her badly for this long. Why do better now’. I would’ve walked right then and there,” said a third.

And a fourth added: “Even if that’s the kind of humor they have together. The wedding vows should’ve been serious.”

However, others – who claim to have been there on the day – defended the couple.

One insisted: “As someone who has literally watched this couple GLOW up. As someone who was actually standing beside the bride.. this was a beautiful loving wedding!”

Meanwhile, Foree admitted that the wedding was “one for the books,” adding that he enjoyed “every second of it”.

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