Putin's private army is trying to hire Pornhub viewers with weird slogan

Putin's private army is trying to hire Pornhub viewers with weird slogan
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There’s no better way to reach a large group of young men than by advertising on one of the world’s largest pornography websites...

That seemed to be the thought process behind a clever marketing strategy implemented by Vladimir Putin’s private army, Wagner Group PMC.

According to the Twitter account vxunderground, users who opened Pornhub via VK, a Russian social media company, saw an advertisement where a woman implores young men to stop masturbating and join the Wagner Group.

Vxunderground posted a video showing the Wagner Group’s advertisement that plays before viewers can watch a pornography video.

A woman’s voice can be heard speaking in Russian.

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“We are the best f****** private army in the world. We are recruiting fighters from all regions of Russia. Don’t jerk off, go to work at the Wagner PMC,” a translation from Russian news outlet DailyStorm claims the woman says.

While the “don’t jerk off” slogan may seem odd, it is apparently a hit with the Wagner Group internally.

Evgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner Group, told DailyStorm he thinks the slogan is “a very good idea.”

“I don’t know on which ones, but advertising PMC Wagner on porn sites is a very good idea of our marketers,” Prigozhin said. “I absolutely, completely agree with them, and this ad says, ‘go fight in the Wagner PMC, stop jerking off.’”

“Who disagrees with this argument?” He added.

The advertisement first appeared in a Russian Telegram channel on Wednesday. The ad was apparently only accessible in certain parts of the country when viewers were not using a VPN or ad blocker.

The Wagner Group is not part of the Russian Armed Forces. They are a group of mercenaries that operate beyond the law.

According to reports, the group has assisted in fighting in Ukraine by deploying their fighters to help take over cities.

But due to their unregulated nature, the Wagner Group has been accused of committing various war crimes including, torture, rape, planting land mines, massacre, and more.

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