Putin's 'secret' daughter has been caught on camera being thrown about in a dance contest


Vladimir Putin is a very powerful and intimidating man.

He's the president of Russia (for his third term), he worked for the KGB for 16 years and is a renowned judoka and practitioner of karate.

So you probably wouldn't want to be responsible for throwing his daughter up in the air, right?

In which case pity Dmitry Alekseev, who is the dance partner of Katarina Tikhonova, Putin's daughter, who takes her maternal grandmother's surname.

Tikhonova has competed in a number of dance tournaments in recent years, performing acrobatic rock'n'roll - which essentially involves a lot of energy and a lot of throws.

On Saturday, Russia's TV Rain showed two clips of the dancing duo, which you can see below:

Careful, Dmitry.

Tikhonova was linked to the Russian president by journalists who pieced together clues before asking Putin about the ties. Putin refused to comment, saying his family life was private.

HT Guardian

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