Warner Bros hits back at Ruby Rose after she alleged ‘toxic environment’ on Batwoman set

<p>Ruby Rose has made startling allegations against Warner Bros. </p>

Ruby Rose has made startling allegations against Warner Bros.

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Warner Bros. TV has released a strongly-worded statement in response to claims of hostile working conditions made by Ruby Rose.

Earlier this week, the actress took to Instagram to finally break her silence regarding her abrupt departure from The CW’s Batwoman.

“Peter Roth, you are first up,” the now-deleted Instagram story read. (Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours). “You are chapter one, not sure if you left after getting promoted to the highest position because you couldn’t stop making young women steam your pants around your crotch while you were still wearing said pants or if you left after putting a private investigator on me who you fired as soon as the report didn’t fit your narrative.”

Rose went on to say that she suffered multiple injuries on set, including a broken neck and a fractured rib. Roth allegedly forced her to return to set only 10 days after surgery, threatening to fine her and the whole crew if she did not comply.

Rose also claims that Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries wanted them to work through Covid while other CW shows, including Riverdale, shut down.

Rose alleged that she “watched the skin fall off” of the face of a severely burned crew member, Rose was nearly blinded in a separate incident, and a PA was left quadriplegic and forced to start a GoFundMe. She also claims that co-star Dougray Scott hurt a female stunt double and “abused women when he wanted”.

She concluded her statement with the following: “I wouldn’t return for any amount of money nor if a gun were to my head. NOR DID I QUIT. I DID NOT QUIT. They ruined Kate Kane and they destroyed Batwoman, not me. I followed orders, and if I wanted to stay I was going to have to sign my rights away. Any threats, any bullying tactics or blackmail will not make me stand down.”

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Warner Bros. TV fired back with a statement referring to Rose’s allegations as “revisionist history” and that implying that Rose was fired for misconduct on set.

Scott also released a statement in response to the allegations: “I absolutely and completely refute the defamatory and damaging claims made against me by her; they are entirely made up and never happened.”

Rose has yet to respond directly to Warner Bros. TV or Scott.

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