A majority of British people say their dietary choices won’t be affected by the news that processed meat can increase the risk of cancer.

A major report commissioned by the World Health Organisation released last month claimed that eating red and processed meat can increase the risk of cancer.

The findings received widespread media attention as people realised the full English breakfast should be taken off the menu. But an online poll by YouGov Daily has found that 59 per cent of Brits said their dietary choices hadn’t been affected and won’t be in future.

In addition, respondents to the snap poll were asked if they would follow the advice of a compute programme that could reliably calculate how life choices would shorten life expectancy and by how much.

The majority of respondents said that they would only be slightly influenced.

It seems that we are a omnivorous, and headstrong, lot: nothing gets between a Brit and their bacon.

If you currently eat more than 90g of red and processed meat a day, the Department of Health advises you cut down to 70g. For perspective, a cooked breakfast of two typical sausages and two rashers of bacon is equivalent to 130g.

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