It's so hot that people's shoes are shrinking in the sun

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 26 August 2019 11:30
Picture:(iStock and Twitter)

It's so hot in some parts of America, shoes are literally melting.

A Twitter user called @Autumn_Kamrie took to social media to share a picture of what appear to be Nike sliders for babies - only they're actually supposed to be size nine slippers for an adult.

She'd left her shoes in the car, and it wasn't long before the heat, compounded by the car, had shrunk her shoes.

Accuweather said the weather in Louisville, Kentucky on 22 August, the day of her post, was 31C outside. The car made it hotter on the inside.

She wrote: “If y’all wanna know how my day is going (And I’m sure you do)…"

As I’m getting into my car I see these little ass shoes in my backseat. I’m thinking whose damn kids been in my car???? So I look at the shoe and it’s a mf size 9. THE SUN SHRUNK MY SLIDES… FML​

Look at them!

People found the malformed slippers hilarious

Others shared their own experiences with shrinking shoes

Leaving shoes in the sun is a life hack...or something?

This bottle melted, too

Others are dashing to their cars to take their sliders out.

There's also this terrifying thought:

Do we have to put them in the fridge? Asking for a friend.

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