The 13 things married people regret the most about their wedding

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Getting that big day right a tough task.

There are so many factors and plates you need to keep spinning.

So if you're planning your big day, maybe learn a lesson or two from the people who have done it before you.

Here's what the married folks of Reddit had to say on wedding regrets.

Don't sweat the small stuff...

Make sure you enjoy what you've paid for.

Be selective with your invites.

Maybe don't welcome the world and their wife.

Learn to say no.

Don't skimp on the suit.

Don't be afraid to take charge.

Say 'hi,' even if it's just for a moment or two.

No mobiles.

Let your hair down.

It's not rude to say 'no children' on the invite.

Get a professional photographer. No ifs or buts.

And finally. If you want sharks. Go get sharks... Trust me it'll make sense.

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