Wedding tips: 13 things you should never do

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Weddings can be a total nightmare for anyone and everyone involved - whether you're organising the thing or simply turning up.

If you're a guest hoping to attend a friend or family member's special day, what should you avoid? What are the big 'no-no's?' and what are the common pitfalls?

Fortunately the good folks of reddit put their brains together to ask what you should ABSOLUTELY not do at a wedding.

There were anecdotes that raised fairly obvious lessons, like... Don't make a speech hinting to a secret relationship between yourself and the bride or groom.

And the even more obvious, don't compete with the bride you fools.

If you drink alcohol, feel free to be merry, but don't get obliterated - especially if you actually have some sort of function or responsibility.

This should just be common courtesy for all events, not just weddings. You know who you are.

It goes the other way too.

Then there are a few tips that make you ask: "What on earth happened at this wedding?"

These are sitcom levels of awkwardness.

Hannah crossed a line.

Don't bring someone who wasn't invited...

Just try and be grateful, these people shared their time and money with you.

Don't criticise the person officiating the wedding.

Don't forget names if you're making an important speech.

And finally, just don't be this guy.

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