Wedding guests fume over bride and groom's decision to only serve water

Wedding guests fume over bride and groom's decision to only serve water
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A bride and groom have sparked a passionate debate following their plans to only serve water at their wedding.

While dry celebrations are becoming increasingly common, the bride turned to a popular Reddit thread to gauge the public response and to ask whether she was being unreasonable.

For context, the couple doesn't drink alcohol or coffee. They believe the beverages would be a large unnecessary expense for their self-funded big day.

"We only really drink water," she explained. "We rarely, if ever, drink soda so most of the time it's only water with the occasional juice and milk. We don't even drink coffee."

She went on to say that the budget will mostly go towards catering for 100-150 people. "Everyone will have a good choice of food to choose from but to drink only water will be provided," she continued.

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The bride-to-be soon informed guests of the decision – and it's safe to say, many weren't happy at all.

"Well, when family and friends found out being got angry," she wrote. "Some didn't really care but some are really upset about it."

Guests suggested that the couple should at least have an open bar, where friends and family pay for their own drinks – an idea she opposes.

"We could, but still have to pay for the bartender and we just really don't want to bother with alcohol there," she continued.

They then advised her on having "at least" soda before adding: "The kids will be upset. The wedding will be boring. That this is not how weddings work."

The post was soon inundated with polarised views, with one calling it "cheap and tacky."

They hit back: "It's cheap and tacky to only serve water. I would 100% be pregaming in the parking lot if I found out I couldn't even get an iced tea or a soda lol."

Another added: "People are making the effort, bringing gifts, it's a CELEBRATION. There is nothing fun about water."

One person, however, sided with the couple, writing: "I went to a dry wedding (the bride and groom had both struggled with alcoholism) that had like three different mocktails to choose from and it made it very celebratory and still feel adult."

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