'Joyous' video of Pennsylvanians celebrating Biden lead goes viral

'Joyous' video of Pennsylvanians celebrating Biden lead goes viral
Twitter/Ellie Rushing

In case you hadn't already noticed, it looks like Joe Biden is going to win the US presidential election.

Several swing states which looked like they were going to sway Republican this year surprisingly flipped in favour of the Democratic candidate.

One of those states was Pennsylvania, and it’s likely that the city of Philadelphia is to thank for the shift in results.

When news broke that Pennsylvania turned blue, the residents of West Philadelphia took to the streets to celebrate. It’s all very wholesome – and socially distant.

In a video captured by The Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Ellie Rushing, one neighbourhood congregates together and dances to “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross. A car then drives past the party, and the driver beeps his horn in support.

“It just felt really symbolic that the Philly drop put Biden over,” said Brooke O’Harra, who hosted the spontaneous dance party along with Sharon Hayes and their daughter, Alice. They had been working tirelessly to “educate voters and help local campaigns” leading up to the election.

The dance party was a pretty accurate summary of how Democrats are currently feeling.

What a change of mood from this time four years ago.

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