People were given sex toys and told they were beauty products, awkwardness ensued

(Photo: YouTube/C Fashion
(Photo: YouTube/C Fashion

We have previously noted that sex toys are almost indistinguishable from dog toys - and now a new video highlights that they can also look like high-end beauty products.

C Fashion invited people into a studio to test some of the most cutting edge beauty products about to hit the market - without telling them they were actually, um, pleasure aids.

What followed was some shock…

…complete confusion…

And some fantastic quotes:

It definitely looks like something my mum had in 1990.

I would never give this to a teenager, for a lot of reasons.


Use your imagination.

But, as it progressed, some of the participants started to glean what was happening.

Eventually, they were shown what they had been handling the entire time…

And we were left with only those haggling over the prices:

I don’t know about $44.95. I could get a bigger one for $44.95.

'Tis a wondrous world in which we live.

Watch the full video below:

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