This is what sex will be like in the future, according to the experts

What will sex be like in 2050? Better, if an op-ed by therapist Dr Laura Berman for the Wall Street Journal is anything to go by.

She writes our understanding of the neurobiology of sex "will lead to a new ability to stimulate the brain directly to simulate mind-blowing sex regardless of physical contact".

This will not only have endless recreational implications, but will significantly improve the sex lives of people with disabilities, as well.

But sex in the future will also involve more technology. Dr Berman notes futurists believe that within 10-15 years there will be robots which people can cuddle and have sex with.

One of the people making such predictions is Robin Elenga, the founder and CEO of robotic sex toy company Revel Body. He told VICE this year he believes robots will eventually replace our sex toys. "New materials, sensors, motors, and software will continue to evolve to make sex with machines more appealing to the masses," he said.

David Levy, an expert in artificial intelligence, agrees. He told Newsweek: “I think we’re talking about the middle of the century, if you are referring to a robot that many people would find appealing as a companion, lover, or possible spouse.”

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