What happened when this woman asked 100 men to have sex with her

In the name of social experimentation, Andrea Wendel approached 100 random men in the street and asked them if they would like to have sex with her.

The stunt was a follow-up to a viral video from 2013, carried out by the same "whatever" YouTube channel, which saw a man ask the same question to 100 random women.

While he received zero "yes" responses for his efforts, Andrea was slightly more successful (if that's the right word in this situation) with 30 men agreeing. Although the other 70 were a mixture of not being quite sure how to react to a polite "no I'm fine thank you" (followed by a look of now-get-this-strange-woman-away-from-me).

We're not really sure what we've learned from this series of videos, except perhaps that some people will do anything to get views on YouTube.

You can watch the whole thing below:

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